Ameritron Inc. Contract Electronic Manufacturing And Engineering, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Ameritron Inc. located in Rancho Cucamonga Ca. is a full turnkey electronics engineering and manufacturing company. We can help your company design, produce and distribute your product. We can serve your needs from product concept clear through production and shipping. We have a complete electronic test department hosted by transtrading which allows us to check for any faults and errors. Our engineering staff can assist in circuit design and PCB layout. Our programmers can assist in your firmware/ software needs.

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Ameritron also offers custom Programmable Logic Controllers. Go to the Products section of our web site 1031.3 PLC. Let us design one for you.

Ameritron has been producing products that are currently installed in many government facilities including the U.S. White House and Capitol building. We have built product for the new founded Homeland Security. We manufacture products for medical companies that include proton accelerators as well as Class III intrusive heart monitoring equipment. Only by providing our customers with such extreme quality would we be able to keep such clientele.

Ameritron Inc. is equipped to manufacture SMD, through hole printed circuit boards as well as custom cable assemblies and chassis build. Please take some time and take the self-guided tour to see some of our capabilities.